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» My soles are used, can I change them ?
My soles are used, can I change them ?

Yes, if your soles are worn but the shoes are still in a condition to be worn, it is possible to change the soles.



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Other questions about the replacement buffalo sole:


-Are the soles self-adhesive?
-Is it necessary to use a shoemaker for this re-sowing work?
-Is there a special preparation of the original soles before laying and gluing the new ones?




The soles are raw, you can do the installation work yourself if you want to stick the sole over the old one.


The procedure to follow is as follows:



Thoroughly clean the old soleplate by removing dust, grease, wax, dirt ... which may have gotten into the soleplate (you can use a metal pad and a degreaser.
Allow the soleplate to dry after cleaning.
Glue the surfaces to be assembled with contact adhesive (neoprene adhesive)
Let dry slightly, the glue should be dry on contact.
Assemble the surfaces by pressing hard; the ideal is to maintain the pressure for drying.
Let dry 24 hours.
Cut the excess soles with a cutter.
If you want to replace the sole rather than gluing it over the old one, it is best to entrust the work to the shoemaker.