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» Is it essential to have special shoes for dancing?
Is it essential to have special shoes for dancing?

For the practice of ballroom dancing, there is no obligation to wear dance shoes, however, dance shoes are designed to provide:



-Better support
-A greater freedom in the work of the foot, which makes the dance easier
-Better gliding thanks to the buffalo soles


It is therefore specially recommended if you are looking for comfort and ease as well as if you want to practice dancing a certain number of hours in a row, to wear dance shoes.


Note 1: It is also possible if you want to use a city shoe model with which you want to dance, to put buffalo soles. (see related products below)


Note 2: If you do not want to damage your dance shoes, there are also work shoes, for training sessions and rehearsals which if they are less elegant, nevertheless allow the foot to work with less fatigue.


For men, see the section: "Men's shoes / Education"


For women, see the section: "Women's shoes / Education"


For the practice of sports dances, it is essential to practice with competition shoes; even if for training one can wear Sneakers with two soles if one targets a specific work which excludes the work of legs and foot. The footwork is really different when wearing competitive dance shoes or when wearing Sneakers.


For Sneakers, see the section: "Sneakers / ..."


Note 3: You can wear your competition shoes when training which are no longer presentable because they are too worn. It is always possible to change the buffalo soles to make the shoes last longer.


Note 4: For women, you can also dye your shoes in black flesh-colored satin; which will give them a sharper appearance than worn satin. (see section "Accessories for shoes")