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» How can I wash my competition dress without damaging it?
How can I wash my competition dress without damaging it?

Show dresses and competition dresses are made of precious and delicate materials and often embellished with sequins and / or rhinestones, braids, fringes ... For these reasons, they are indicated "Do not wash".


However, it seems essential to wash them regularly because of the sweat that permeates the fabric and can deteriorate the fibers in the long run.


To wash the dress it is better to do it yourself, the dyers often do not take care of this kind of delicate work (with some exceptions).


as a general rule, it is advisable to wash only the areas most exposed to sweat and to avoid the rest of the dress unless the fabric needs to be "refreshed".


The fabric supports the stain remover in a spray or bottle (K2R, scarlet water, Dylon ...) for the dirtiest places otherwise the best is to wash in the bathtub, quickly (do not soak!) With laundry detergent delicate.


Decorations / rhinestones / Glue

Please note: The rhinestones and decorations attached to the outfits are often attached with special vinyl fabric glue.

This glue is used because it remains flexible and allows decorations to better "follow" the movement and the deformations that the material undergoes during movements. On the other hand, it has a disadvantage; it rehydrates when in the presence of moisture.

Some advice:

Do not keep the outfits with you when you leave the track, but take them off and let them dry on a hanger.

Do not let the clothes soak during washing, but put them to dry on a hanger as soon as washed



Caution: The fringes if they are too rubbed can fray. therefore avoid washing them or protect them in a plastic bag when washing the dress.


The brightly colored dance fabrics can get wet during washing and / or make halos. So wash in cold water and gently.


Feathers / Boas

Avoid washing feathers as much as possible; the hairs remaining bonded if they are soaked. You can gently clean them with a damp sponge.

If your boa really needs to be washed, you can after cleaning dry it in the hair dryer so that it regains its volume.